I am a masterpiece
I am perfect… Perfectly flawed and made for damnation
I am an embodiment of grey areas and conflicts
I am the poem without a rhyming scheme
I am the variable of the algebra whose answer is UNDEFINED
I am the stain on your undershirt which wouldn’t go away no matter how hard you scrub it
You see, I am the unfinished masterpiece of God.

I am an incarnation of flaws
I am like the weed which keeps on growing no matter how deep you uproot it
I am the tap that keeps leaking even when tightened
The shirt that looks rumpled  even when ironed.
You see, I am the unfinished masterpiece of God.

I am the personification of weird
See, everything about me is grey, conflicting, different, “not supposed to be”

I’m all false smiles and tired eyes
I’m all tummy rolls and butt acnes
I am the embodiment of imperfect…more like far-from-perfect
I am perfectly imperfect
Different from all things “normal”
The one who can’t be like everyone else…the black sheep; unable to fit in your chaotic society
I am specially made by God
I’m dripping flaws and breaches
I was made from scrap so I feel like scarp
From the start I was bound to be different, queer
You see, I am the unfinished master piece of God.



One thought on “Masterpiece 

  1. George says:

    —Perfect imperfection, my best combo. Imperfection is beautiful. In its own unique way it comes with such great perks that makes life feel like life (moments of hardship, truimphing and revelations) and the best part is embracing the lapses, the flaws, the imperfect parts of ourselves because only then do we find happiness. And that’s all that matters— happiness.


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