I wake up to  the sound of rain falling on my roof. Slowly and peaceful. It’s the perfect weather for a typical Sunday morning;except if you’re a teen like me who’s forced by their parents to go to church. I’m still against the idea that religion should be forced upon children. It shouldn’t be forced upon anyone. It should be child abuse for parents to take their children to religious settings like the church, where children are told they are broken and need Jesus to be fixed and made whole or that they’ll burn forever in a lake of fire for living a worldly life.
I’m awoken fully when mum begins to speak in tongues and pray out loud asking God for a beautiful weather. I wonder how’s that possible, is God going to alter the water cycle? Why do we have to drive so far to worship God every Sunday? Can’t we worship at home? Is God even real? All these thoughts go through my mind. Somehow I’m happy rain is falling. I even hope we’re stuck in traffic till church ends. I wouldn’t have to pretend to be something I’m not and watch the likes of me act sosanctimoniously.  I often wonder how people could be so irrational as to believe in a supernatural being who created itself and the whole universe and yet his existence cannot be proven. I’ve never understood religious people, they scare me. My parents scare me. When I get really sick they believe I should pray to God rather than see a doctor. Nothing happens eventually because of my lack of ” faith ” they say and have no choice but to take me to a doctor. That’s the problem with religion, it deludes its followers. It makes them distant from reality. They live their life trying to please a nonexistent creator. A creator so vain as to send his creations to a lake of fire for not worshiping him. An atheist creator who doesn’t believe he was created by a god outside his existence, so he worships no god. It makes no sense.
The rain eventually ceases and I leave with Mum for church, with my headphones obviously. It all makes me crave being an independent adult whilst hating my teenage years.

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