Jamais Vu (Never Seen)


The sun rose brightly with a smile  that particular morning above the cloudless horizon. The cool morning air grazed through the borough of Brooklyn seeming undefeated by the piercing rays of the sun. There was absolute silence until Brian began mumbling. Kate woke up with her usual sheen smile possessed by all glory and splendour, overpowering even the beauty of the sun rise. The sun rays fixed towards her made her  flawless brown skin effulge. She was the very embodiment of beauty.
Brian got up from bed perplexed pushing Kate off his brawny chest.
His eyes roamed the four corners of his very own bedroom then his gaze became fixed on Kate.  “Good morning bae” she said looking even more disoriented than Brian her fiancé.” Who are you”, he asked slowly, looking Kate straight in the eye then covering his nakedness with the blanket leaving her naked. Her gaze was fixed at him as she  tried to find a reason for his behavior. She called his name slowly with so much emotion”Brian”, he was unresponsive then spoke “Who’s Brian? Who are you? Where am I?” The room that was all so quiet began to resonate with Kate’s heart  beat. The questions sent chills down her spine. She thought she was having her usual nightmares where everything was impossible. She couldn’t will herself to imagine her world without Brian, instead she willed herself to imagine the situation as an illusion. She tried to flee the misery within her.
Brian had been experiencing Jamais Vu. Kate slept off waiting for him at the hospital. “Kate”, he called her name after 9 hours of speechlessness. She felt something within her restored. She rushed for a hug.
  ******** There’s an opposite to Déjà vu. It’s Jamais vu. It is characterised by a sense of unfamiliarity. Everyone is a stranger; nothing is ever familiar.*******

Happy birthday Chidinma.💟

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