A Nightmare


My head is throbbing and the room won’t stop spinning. I try to make it for what looks like a door but it keeps moving. It’s an iron gate-like door. I see fire through it.
Where am I?” I thought
to myself. It’s too dark, I can barely see. I’m positive there’s someone in this room with me. I swear, I can hear them breathing or that might just be me. Whatever is happening right now I swear it’s making me crazy. I begin to hear footsteps, loud heavy foot steps. I hear a scream behind me ; I’m in total fear. I know someone’s behind me. I try to scream for help. I can’t find an atom of strength in me. I’m faint. It’s at this juncture I realise I am in hell. The footsteps I hear are that of demons. They are huge beasts with horns at their back. They have no genital. Could it have been cut? The thought of that made me wish the ground would open and swallow me. I’m already swallowed I  guess. I now am carried by these horrifying creatures like a lamb about to be sacrificed. I see people burn like stakes. They scream in agony. I wish for death but I’m already dead. I know what anticipates me. I can bear it no longer. I collapse.
I wake to the sound of rain on my window,soft and loud, all at the same time. It’s peaceful and calming, and for a second I almost forget everything, just for a second. I grab my phone and check the time, it’s only 3am. I look around and everything seems normal. I turn on the light and see my roommate; John. He has his rosary in his hand, he’s is dead to the world. He sleeps off saying the rosary. It’s a night mare.

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